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I am a graduate of the University of South Florida, School of Fine Arts and have a Masters Degree in Fine Art in photography and computer imaging from the Visual Studies Workshop SUNY. My current skills include electronic imaging, photography, video, synthesized sound, 3D animation and new media. Over the past few years, I have developed skills in 3D imaging and animation from courses taken at RIT and through Alias in Toronto. I have an interest in merging my photographic, design and illustration skills with 3D. Recently I have become interested in the relationship of synthesized sound and electronic images. I recently joined a great electronic band called uforkestra. I am the groups visual musician.

My work has been seen in public and private galleries in both the US and Canada. The galleries include the George Eastman House, the Art Gallery of Ontario and I am a Polaroid Gallery Artist. My photographs and computer art images have been published in magazines in the US, Canada and Europe.

I have taught creativity, art, digital imaging and photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY - VSW, Nazareth College as well as Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada.

In the early nineties as a graduate student at SUNY, I was invited to attend the digital imaging lab at RIT where I eventually taught classes in digital imaging. Since my early association with RIT, I have developed numerous skills in digital imaging including digital photography, computer graphics, new media, and 3D animation. Through my position at the Kodak Research Labs I have developed skills and knowledge on such subjects as stereo and immersive imaging, as well as new human interface technologies (such as haptic), augmented reality and experimental media. I contributed to Kodak immersive display technology and I am familiar with many of the latest stereo technologies including lenticular display.

At Kodak my creative skills were used to elevate product concepts and consumer experience. I have a keen interest in evolving and emerging technologies in new media, 3D and computer imaging. My colleagues regard me as highly creative and inventive. Besides my skills as an artist, I hold numerous patents and patent applications regarding digital imaging.

I have studied with Nathan Lyons -SUNY VSW, photography, theory and culture, Joan Lyons - SUNY VSW, graphics and artist books, Doug Rea - RIT, digital photography and computer Imaging, Stan Vanderbeek - University of South Florida, visiting professor, experimental video, Oscar Bailey- University of South Florida, photography, Betty Hahn- University of South Florida, visiting professor, alternative photography, Mark Klett - Arizona State University, SUNY VSW, photography, John Wood- SUNY VSW, Summer Institute, visual books, Roger Mertin- University of Rochester, photography (MFA Thesis Advisor), Heather Wetzel - SUNY VSW, collodion wet plate photography, Aharon Chernov - RIT, 3D animation and modeling, Peer Bode - Alfred State, SUNY VSW, Summer Institute, experimental video, Bill Johnson - SUNY VSW, photo history, Susie Cohen - SUNY VSW, photo history.

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